Pruning helps develop good structure in growing trees and shrubs. Pruning also allows for maintaining space around buildings, streets, other plants, utility lines etc.

When pruning trees we remove crossing, co-dominant, dead, diseased, and dying limbs that could spread diseases and become safety hazards.

We also offer pruning as a regular service with a long-term maintenance plan.

Our company also has excellent experience in line clearing for power line companies.

Improper pruning can be a source of stress on trees and shrubs. Removing branches can lead to diseases entering the plants through the resulting cuts. Removing too many branches or primary branches can diminish the vitality of trees. Pruning can also be dangerous for people and property, especially the removal of larger or higher branches.

Goodreau arborists are fully trained, certified, and insured, and have the expertise to properly and safely care for your trees.

We believe that every leaf has a purpose, so you can be assured that when pruning we provide necessary clearances while maintaining and improving the natural structure of your trees and shrubs.

Our arborists make all of our cuts according to the ANSI A300 standard.

Do you need advice or assistance with pruning your trees and shrubs? We are happy to help.

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