Our staff is fully licensed and equipped for vegetation management practices that include the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Herbicides are a versatile and cost-effective treatment that can be used to control and manage undesirable plants around trees, roadsides, yards, powerlines, wind turbines etc. Proper vegetation maintenance is a particularly important factor in avoiding the risk of potential fire hazards, property damage, power outages, and injury.

Herbicides can also be applied to the stump of trees and woody plants to suppress and prevent regrowth. Furthermore, herbicides are an effective treatment for preventing the regrowth and spread of noxious and invasive weeds.

We apply strict safety protocols when applying these procedures and minimise our impact on the surrounding environment and communities.

We also work with municipalities and utility companies to provide regular inspections and long-term maintenance plans.

If you need help with managing undesired or problematic vegetation, please get in touch.

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